Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams

Frozen fears encapsulating the mind.

Paralyzing pictures playing out.

Safety of sleep left so unkind.

Too many troubled thoughts to count.


Awaken to a new aura of life.

No uncertainty unlike before.

Eyes exposed to potential blithe.

All of which wasn’t accounted for.


Last night was a troubling night. I had many different dreams, each one ending when I would awake and the next one beginning when I fell back asleep. I had about five dreams last night.

All of the which consisted of me fighting. The first one was me fighting seemingly everyone. The next was me fighting with my boyfriend. The next with my family. It went on until I about dreamed of fighting everybody about just everything.

I’m not a confrontational person so these dreams struck me with a certain feeling of discomfort as I begun my morning. It was a feeling that I tried to shrug off because after-all the dreams were concluded and I knew the context of them were fictional compared to reality.

Still, I can’t help but fear how this day might end just because of how it began. One negative emotion has had the power to send me down a spiraling staircase of thoughts many times before. It’s a vicious cycle that ceases to end. Those of you who have read my post ‘To Feel Unsure’ would understand most what I fear. If you have not read this poem you can by clicking here.

Being aware of this fear I’m sure is helping my mindset to still have a wonderful day. I have no other reason to feel so unsettled or anxious. It’s annoying how I get anxiety about feeling anxiety.

I wanted to share on the blog, however, as a way to spill these feelings before they build and turn into something worse inside my head. I also wanted to share to hopefully start a conversation with you. How do you shake off negative feelings before they grow to be worse? Please comment your “tips & tricks.”

2 thoughts on “Bad Dreams

  1. Your poetry is as beautiful as your proses – the only way I know to shake off negativity is overwhelming the mind with positive ones – meet people often who encourages you – take up a hobby – smiler often

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