I was so cold I was shivering so I went inside my car and locked the doors. I turned up the heat until I had felt somewhat warm. When I looked in the mirror I saw my cheeks were red as were my eyes as if I bled inside my head. I thought about every misspoken word I had ever said.

Somehow the heat didn’t seem to bother me none. I drove west with no deadline or destination, just headed towards the setting sun. It blinded me but my eyes were fixated on the road. I thought about every piece of help I ever did scold.

My music stopped and I realized it was from my phone overheating. I felt the sweat on the back of my neck slowly beading. My knuckles were red and my rings stung to my skin. I touched the dash and retracted. I thought about every time I had overreacted.

No music but no matter, lyrics can only distract the latter. Everything was burning but I still felt fine. The only thing that hurt was inside my mind. Sun had gone down and now it was pitch black. I thought about the reputation I could never take back.

A small notification but I was in no mood to talk when everything I said was wrong. So, let me dwindle in my thoughts that will cost me in the long run. Better than to cause so much worry or stress. I thought about every time I caused such needless distress.

Drove for awhile until my mind burned down to a small simmer. I’m not sure why the heat helped the flames hinder. My face was red, my shirt was soaked in sweat and my ears felt filled with cotton. I thought about the last time I hit rock bottom, something that can never be forgotten.

Finally I turned around and headed back, knowing the courage I’ll always lack. I exited the car and went inside, thoughts still swirling forever they’ll bide.

3 thoughts on “Escape

  1. This is a beautiful write – writing what is going inside a mind is always hard and you did it flawlessly. Hey BTW when you hit rock bottom there is one good news – from there you can only go up – stay blessed and charming

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