Spent years suffocating the flames that consumed my mind in wildfire.

Drowned my wings confining myself to the pressure of staying underwater.

Believed the answer was to kill everything I was afraid I would become.

In the process, lost focus of where I aimed and let my fire fall ballistic.

Killed not only what will have been but also what could have been.

Let my fears unfold to fill every corner of my peripheral blinding me.

Tore my eyes out of their sockets so I could make seeing the worst incapable.

In the process, caused capability of seeing the best to disappear as well.

Found apathy fueled the fire tenfold.

Avoidance erupted in explosions.

Burned in agony past the point of exhaustion.

Finally surrendered to the heat and allowed the fire inside my mind to breathe.

Ended the war I had been fighting and rose from the bottom of the ocean to the top.

Let everything that I had become to burn down into ashes that rose up towards the sky.

Forgave me for believing in every lie I told myself I was, every direction misled.

Rose anew as stronger and brighter ready to use my fire as a light, as it should be.

As it is.

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