Amazing the accumulation of places you’ll go. The amount of locations in which made you grow. Still discovering destinations to where you’ll learn. I think about thoughts I have yet to let burn.

All the friends I had made and family who cared. Memories from scrapbooks I’ve pulled up & repaired. Old guards kept down to let new light in. I think about new adventures that are about to begin.

Road trips with windows rolled down, wind through hair. Fresh spring feelings to brighten the smile I bear. Newfound strength in every mile I drive. I think about how good it feels to be alive.

Scribbled down aspirations driven by forgotten ambition. Heading towards a very old, engraved in skin mission. Words pulled not pushed to come through. I think about dreams  I haven’t dreamt since youth.

Little things I slow down to take in. Subtle vibrations of successes I allow my heart to win. Appreciating every kind compliment of reflection I see. I think about how good it is to feel like me.

Steel woven grit to keep these pleasures from fading. Hard rewarding focus to keep my thoughts from slipping. Aware bad days are always still a given. I think no matter, anything and all could be forgiven.

Each sorrow day will be a new place to visit. Potential lessons good or bad, however the worse the more exquisite. I look forward, the bright blithe sun shining on my face. I think about all the pain was worth this refined grace.

Authors Note:

This poem goes hand in hand with my poem Escape. In ‘Escape’ you can see the worst, but here in ‘Embark’ you can see the best. I’m proud of the two ends of the spectrum I have tried to illustrate in words. I hope you enjoy the contrast between these two works. 

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