I aimed to build a grand oasis.

One gorgeously grounded by resistance,

feverishly fueled by heavy persistence.

A place to release all my wayward thoughts,

and have only the kindness return of which I forgot.

Somewhere I can plant my seeds of doubt,

to then reap the hope they would soon sprout.

Retreat filled with fresh air to breathe,

somewhere I could escape to be free of worry.

I’d build it to invite family and friends,

and cherish every bond I have before it ends.

I would leave the doors wide open,

no matter the risk I’m aware that’d be taken.

Knowing those who would come just to wreck & ruin,

one’s whose hearts succumbed and let hate win.

Still I’d invite them in hopes their hearts would change.

Whether it’s healing they need or thoughts to rearrange.

Not everyone has an oasis to keep them strong,

So, I’ll build one to leave behind far after I’m gone.


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